Sushi and Sake: Perfect pair of kittens

Last summer I remember coming home from work and a strange feeling came over me–I needed a cat. You see, three years ago my cat Whiskers (also adopted) passed away age the age of 11 from cancer. Perhaps that was his way of telling me it was time for me to share my love with another furry friend.

Sushi & SakeSo I started my search on last Thanksgiving with no particular type of cat in mind. I immediately fell in love with four month old brother and sister Siamese/Snowshoe mix kittens who were named Raccoon and Smudgi at the time. I knew immediately that they were the furry friends that I needed and that needed me.

Raccoon and SmudgiSushi and Sake as kittens

I was scheduled to pick them up the weekend before Christmas which was the same time that mother nature decided the DC area was to have its first snow storm. I begged and a friend with a truck took me to pick up my new babies. By Christmas morning, four days later, the kittens and I had bonded. I believe that my sweet Whiskers played a small part in helping me find this perfect pair.

-The Murray Home, Fort Washington, MD

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