Teddy, the Neighborhood Celebrity

I wasn’t actively looking for a a puppy, but would check out PetFinder every once in a while just to browse. One day in July 2008, I was perusing the site when I saw the CUTEST photo of a little white puppy and his two brothers, who had been named Simon, Alvin, and Theodore by Homeward Trails. I immediately fell in love with Theodore, and sent out an email to his foster right away. She responded quickly and said that he was going to be at an adoption event in my neighborhood the very next day!

TeddyThe next morning I excitedly went to the event and waited for Theodore to show up. The second he got out of the car and I saw his face, I knew he was mine. He was an extremely confident little 9 week old puppy who was not rattled at all by all the sounds, sights, and smells at the event. He let me hold him, and gave me tons of kisses. I applied to adopt him then and there, had my home visit the next day, and within 72 hours of seeing him on PetFinder, had him home with me.

Teddy_PuppyTeddy’s Petfinder Picture

It’s almost been two years since I first saw his face, and I honestly cannot imagine life without him. He is incredibly smart and sweet, and is a celebrity in our neighborhood because of his friendly and outgoing nature. I truly could not have asked for a better dog, and I will be forever in the debt of Homeward Trails for rescuing him, fostering him, and allowing him to find his forever home with me.

-Dana, Washington, DC

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