The Saga of Moe and Larry

Or how 2/3rds of The Three Stooges came to live with us.

Moe & LarryIn the late 1990’s we purchased two standard poodle puppies (same mother and father-one litter apart) in San Antonio Texas.  The oldest was named Curly Joe (hmm let’s see two kids and a dog named Curly Joe-it took the kids years to figure this one out) and the youngest BB.  Those two boyz saw the growing up of our two children, flying on an airplane to move to England (and had to spend six months in quarantine-a program now since gone and rightly so), flying back to Washington DC and our oldest going off to college.

It was while the oldest was in college; we had to make the awful decision to put Curly Joe asleep.  It broke our hearts and still does to this day, but it was the correct decision to make.  We even had to tell our oldest while we were driving home from the animal hospital what we had done.  While we were away making that fateful decision, BB began to howl (as told to us by our neighbors) and upon our return and for days afterwards, he would wander about aimlessly looking for his friend and brother.  It was then we made a decision to bring another standard poodle into our lives.

LarryWe happened upon Moe thru Homeward Trails Animal Rescue and upon meeting him I asked one simple question “Would you like to come home with us?” and his response (as shown in the photograph), one simple lick.  Little did we know we were adopting what would become an 80-pound bundle of love that is convinced he is part lap dog, part horse and part cat dog (he rubs up against one like a cat).  He bonded with BB from the start and likes to make Larry sit when being trimmed or if he is about to leap over a gate.  He is the conscience of all three. We were a little concerned that Moe, who gallops like a racehorse and is fast/quick on his feet was a bit much for BB, who is now 12 years old.  We had talked about a younger poodle to be Moe’s companion and allow BB to be that adult leadership.

Moe & LarryWe talked and talked but took no action until out of the clear blue sky we got a call, “Are you still thinking about adopting another poodle?”  I said we had discussed it, but had not made a decision.  I was then told about this wonderful 7-month-old standard puppy up for adoption and after some discussion asked to see more about him.  I kept wondering what if anything was wrong.  We found out he was in an animal control center in West Virginia, and had worn down part of his front teeth gnawing on the cage bars.  He had one week to live before he was put down.  I knew if I showed that picture to the Commander in Chief House, or wife for the rest of you, it was all over and he would be our third standard.  So I wrote “Hello Larry” in the upper left hand corner of the announcement and handed it to her.  Shortly thereafter we were meeting Larry and taking him home.  Larry is a good match for Moe, he thinks he is a steeplechase horse (leaping) or Tigger and is as goofy as Larry was in the Three Stooges movies.  Sometimes we hear him purring just like a lion in that low guttural sound.  He is a little rough around the edges, but what a sweetheart he is.

Larry just celebrated his second birthday and Moe will be four in October. We will always be grateful for the opportunity to have these wonderful dogs from Homeward Trails Animal Rescue.

Ken & Liz Caligiuri

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