Walter, A Stubborn Delight

Walter came to us as a foster when a Homeward Trails plea for help went out and we agreed to foster a kitty-friendly dog. We went to pick him up and Walter was standing apart from the other dogs, terribly overweight and a bit sad looking. He had been adopted previously, but his owner didn’t understand that beagles must follow their noses and he kept wandering off, so she gave him back to Homeward Trails. She also named him Nutmeg, a name to which he flat out refused to answer.

WalterHe sauntered into our house, sniffed the cats and hopped up on the sofa, where he has been ever since. Unless he is out sniffing around in the park.

We tried several adoption events, but Walter did his very effective impression of a dead dog and while potential adopters liked that he was not high energy, they did want a dog who actually moved. Of course, the second we got home, he would dance wildly around and we always breathed a sigh of relief that he came back to our house. Of course we adopted him and promptly changed his name to Walter, which he helped us select by answering to it and ignoring all other suggestions.

We now live in Pittsburgh, where we have a huge park nearby where he hunts for deer and rabbits. Hunting meaning he sniffs and barks his head off for as many hours as I will let him. He has amassed a fan club due to the inordinate amount of noise he makes and his hilarious antics. He will refuse to leave the park and will just lie down and do his dead dog impression or roll on his back while kicking his legs in the air. I have to carry him out or we both just sit and stare stubbornly at one another. People used to stop and ask if I needed help or a ride, but now they roll down their windows and shout “Hey Walter!”

This stubborn, smelly little guy has brought more happiness to our lives than can be imagined. He insists on being the center of the universe and we’re more than happy to give him that role.

-Teri, Pittsburgh, PA

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