Donate to the Medical Fund

medicalHomeward Trails helps dozens and dozens of animals annually who need serious medical care.  You can donate to a fund in HT that is specifically designed to help animals that have injuries or illnesses that require beyond-routine medical care, such as broken limbs, heartworm, parvo, FIV/FelV and other diseases. These are ailments that so many animals in shelters suffer from and often cause them to be the first to be euthanized.

While almost all illnesses HT sees are treatable, it can cost thousands of dollars to make that happen. Chester, pictured here, came to us with a broken jaw, a broken leg, buckshot in his side and a mouth full of broken teeth. He required many vet visits, fluids and meds to heal. Surgeries for broken limbs often cost over $2,000!

You can make a donation to the HT Medical Fund to be used to help these special needs animals.

Donate Online

To donate to the fund online, click a button below to donate through Paypal.

Donate By Check

To donate to the fund by check, simply write a check to “Homeward Trails Animal Rescue” and write “Medical Fund” in the memo/notes section. Send it to:

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue
PO Box 100968
Arlington, VA 22210

Our goal is to have a minimum of $10,000 in this fund at all times so that we never have to turn away a sick or injured animal.

Happy Tales about Special Needs Animals

Able to make a gift of $10,000? HT is offering the opportunity to have the HT Medical Fund named after YOU - our $10,000 donor. Please consider this today. We would like to give this very special fund a name - after a very special animal lover!