Sponsor These Special Needs Animals

The animals featured here are some of the hundreds who have treatable but costly illnesses and injuries that Homeward Trails rescues every year. We have limited resources and must make life and death decisions weekly. Too often, these animals are left behind in shelters simply due to cost. We need extra help to take in animals whose care will cost more and for animals who may be with us longer as they recover.

Your sponsorship of an animal will save a life in real time. Every donation helps save a life.

Please, consider a tax-deductible donation today to help these animals. They deserve a 2nd chance at life. And together, we can give them that.


Julius and Julia have been feeling terrible lately! They’ve been struggling with difficulty breathing. Poor Julius has been especially lethargic and throwing up, having diarrhea. These two need a trip to the vet ASAP!

Julius and Julia are both FeLV+ which means their immune systems are weaker compared to other cats their age. They are generally healthy, happy cats! But when they get sick, their positive status makes it even more important to get them seen to as fast as possible. They’ll likely need bloodwork and medications to treat their condition and get them back to feeling their best.



Traveler is a sweet, handsome FLOOF of a dog! Weighing in at 100 pounds, this pup just wants to cuddle and be loved. (His favorite activity recently has been snuggling up with the little boy who is fostering him!)

Traveler was surrendered by his owners to a shelter in rural Virginia. The shelter doesn’t get much foot traffic from the public, and asked if we’d take him on. He has been nothing but loving and gentle since he arrived! He even knows a few commands (like heel, sit, and stay) and has perfect manners on a leash. He’s a very good boy.

Before he finds his new forever home, there’s just one thing this good boy needs–heartworm treatments! Unfortunately, Traveler tested positive for Heartworm Disease. If we don’t do anything, the worms inside his heart will continue to grow and multiply. He will grow weaker, and every breath will be harder and harder to take.

If we don’t do anything, Traveler will die.

The great news is, there is something we can do! Traveler just needs a round of medications to kill off those heartworms, and he will be good to go. Unfortunately, this treatment costs a pretty penny. He’s relying on us to find a way to make it happen. Can you help this lovable, oversized lap dog???



Morris is a sick boy. Morris was suffering from chronic diarrhea, and seemed unable gain or keep weight on. After several trips to the vet, they diagnosed poor Morris with Irritable Bowel Disease (among other conditions) and prescribed medication. Unfortunately, his owners just couldn’t manage to medicate him, and returned/surrendered him to Homeward Trails. That was in 2018.

Morris has been in our care ALL THIS TIME. When he came (back) to us, he was just 4 pounds (roughly half his healthy body weight). Since then, he has been living with his foster, working with folks that have committed themselves to seeing him recover and heal.

Over the months and years, he has had numerous vet visits and treatments, exams and bloodwork to monitor his conditions and keep him healthy. He is currently on a number of transdermal medications (the only type of medication Morris will tolerate) – which he takes very well!

However, the only way to treat the Irritable Bowel Disease causing him so much discomfort, is by using steroids. These strong steroids, while effective, take a toll on his little body and cause facial sores, like the ones pictured.

Between his list of medications, his recurring vet visits and treatments, Morris has racked up quite the bill! We are committed to helping this little guy manage his condition and find the best life possible. But we need help covering his ongoing expenses.

PS – Morris is available for adoption! Yes, he has some long-term medical needs. But who doesn’t?! In a word, Morris is a CUDDLER! His favorite place to be is in your lap. He may even snooze behind your head while you work from the couch. He is a gentle, loving cat with a lot of life left to live! He is declawed, and just 10 years old. To manage his medical conditions, he get meds 2x a day plus fluids every week and a B-12 shot every 2 weeks. They are easy to give and Morris doesn’t fuss about them at all.



UPDATE 4.12.2021–Louie went to the vet, who confirmed our suspicions. His pupils are indeed two different sizes. While we are waiting on bloodwork results, his vet also referred Louie to an ophthalmologist–a vet with a specialty in vision and eye disorders, with the right experience and expertise to give Louie the best shot possible.

We remain hopeful that treatment is possible. That we can save what eyesight Louie has left and find a plan that provides the best quality of life.

Louie is a young pup. Just 3 years old. He has a goofy smile and loving personality. But lately he hasn’t been himself. We suspect he may have a condition known as anisocoria, in which his pupils are two different sizes. The whites of his eyes have started to yellow. We suspect he is in a great deal of pain, which would also explain his behavior changes.

Because of the changes to the pupils, it is possible that Louie’s vision has been affected. And if we don’t act quickly, he may even go blind.

Anisocoria has many different causes, and we can’t be sure what’s might be the source of the condition for Louie. Until we know more, we can’t treat it. Louie desperately needs a trip to vet, along with bloodwork and x-rays to get to the bottom of this condition.

With luck, we can find the underlying cause and get Louie back to feeling his best! Or at least, find a way to manage the condition and provide as much care and relief as possible.



UPDATE 4.19.20201–We strongly suspect that Shaina has a neurological disorder. The only way to know for sure, though, is by doing a blood panel with full pathology. **We cannot giver her this procedure until she is fully sponsored!!!**

Until we can fundraise the cost of the procedure, Shaina will have to wait. We’re providing as much care and support as we can, but we won’t really have answers or next steps until we can do the bloodwork.

Shaina has been feeling rather disoriented lately! Her balance is of and she appears to be leaning at times. Her symptoms aren’t always present, though. In fact, we took her to the vet once and they didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Back home, though, the symptoms persisted. We took her back and this time, they saw for themselves what we suspected.

The vet noticed the same disorientation and leaning. While at the vet, Shaina started showing a new symptom–fly biting, or biting and snapping at something (that isn’t there) in the air. She also started chasing her tail, but not in a fun or playful way. Both behaviors can be a sign of neurological conditions like seizures.

The only way to know for sure what’s going on will be a complete bloodwork panel, reviewed by an expert pathologist. Unfortunately, we need to fundraise the cost before we can afford the procedure!

Bloodwork may be the key to unlocking Shaina’s treatment plan, but we need your help to get there.



Malachi is FeLV+ but he’s been living his very best life with his foster. That is, until this weekend. His foster noticed how lethargic he was. Once he began vomiting and and having diarrhea, we knew we had to act fast. We got him to the emergency vet, who was able to diagnose Malachi SEVERE anemia. In fact, the vet was concerned that even the slightest fall and bruising could lead to deadly complications!

Malachi is going to his usual vet to continue treatments for the anemia and get his white blood cell count back within normal range. He has received some fluids, but given the anemia we have to take things slow. Malachi will need patient, loving care to get back on his feet.

Malachi is so gentle and sweet. He deserves every chance we can give him to rest and heal, and find that happily ever after we wish for all the animals in our care. But emergency care doesn’t come cheap! We never want to make any animal wait for lifesaving care, especially when waiting could be the difference between life and death. We’re grateful for the quick action of the HT team, and are hopeful our supporters will help us cover these expenses, so we’re ready for the next emergency that comes our way.



UPDATE 4.12.21–We knew Valentino had trouble with his legs, and suspected he may have been suffering from luxating patellas. In truth, it’s so much worse. Valentino has severe hip dysplasia. His x-ray revealed buckshot near his lower spine! He has horrible arthritis in his right knee from an old ACL injury. He’s unable to extend his back, left leg.

He’s been shot and beaten. His body is in such terrible shape, and HE’S ONLY 4 YEARS OLD!

The arthritis in his knees and dysplasia in his hips must be agonizing! And it’s irreversible. The best we can do is provide some relief and make each day more manageable. We’ve started Valentino on joint supplements, which he will have to take for the rest of his life. While those buildup and take effect in his system (it usually takes a few weeks to see the positive impact) he is also on daily pain medication. He will have to see the vet regularly and continue to be monitored as he grows older.

Valentino had big dreams when he left Puerto Rico. He dreamed of finding a safe place to sleep, and regular meals throughout the day. He dreamed of caring humans and days spent snoozing without a care in the world. He dreamed of running and playing and enjoying life to the absolute fullest, finally free from a life half-lived.

He’s only been with us a few days, and already so many of Valentino’s dreams have come true. So many, except for one.

Valentino can hardly walk or run. He’s in so much pain that he just limps along! We suspect he has a rather severe case of DOUBLE luxating patellas. In other words, not just one, but BOTH knee joints dislocate themselves, and move painfully in and out of place when he tried to move.

We committed ourselves to caring for Valentino when we took him off the island. We want to make his dreams come true! But first, we need to get Valentino to the vet for some x-rays. From there, we can determine whether surgery or treatment might help this sweet pup get back to all that running and playing he’s been dreaming of for so long.



UPDATE 4.12.2021–Red has arrived at HT! Now we have to get her painful teeth and gums under control.

Red does not know why he was brought to the shelter or if he will ever get to leave. Surrendered when he was no longer of use as a hunting dog, he has been waiting in a crate for over a month not sure what comes next. The rural shelter has been overrun with new animals and is so crowded that they have crates filling the halls and in every available space. Despite the good intentions of the staff they simply do not have the resources to give each dog the individual care and support they need. Red is no exception.

Dealing with dental complications on top of all of this just makes his time in the shelter uncomfortable and heart wrenching. He deserves to be given the love and care a family can provide. Red needs to be transported to Homeward Trails so we can begin his dental treatment and get him placed in a foster home. Once he is ready we are committed to placing him in a loving home where he will be part of the family and not just a tool for hunting. He deserves a chance at love and happiness and we need you to help him get that. Please donate today so we can get Red healthy and in a peaceful and healing home.



UPDATE 4.12.2021–Buckwheat made it safely into Homeward Trails’ care. Next step, get that dental disease under control!

Buckwheat has been sitting in an overcrowded rural shelter for over a month. This shelter and its caring staff have been inundated with animals, leaving them so jam-packed that crates cover the floor and fill the halls. This is a chaotic environment for anyone and Buckwheat has been struggling with the stress. Having been abandoned and left surrounded by other distressed dogs, this sweet 6 year old needs some peace and stability. Buckwheat was surrendered by a hunter who only wanted him for the sport. When he did not meet expectations as a hunting dog he was no longer of use to the owner and he was turned in.

We know that Buckwheat still has a chance to thrive in a loving environment where he is a member of the family and not just seen for his utility. He needs to be brought to Homeward Trails so he can be given the care he needs including immediate dental treatment. Buckwheat has been left waiting for too long for the love and attention he deserves. Please help us get him the care he so desperately requires and into his forever home.



UPDATE 4.12.2021 – We’ve got some great news. Luca was able to pass all the pieces he chewed, and will not be needing surgery. He has also been able to keep his medications down, so he is once again on the mend.

Luca continues to recover from his ordeal. This boy gave us quite the scare! And we racked up quite the stack of medical bills in the process. Can you help us cover the costs of his emergency intervention?

Luca is just a year old, and still full of mischief. But this time, he’s bitten off more than he can chew! We suspect he grew tired of just gnawing on his toys, and may have tried eating them instead. That is, until he began vomiting and having diarrhea. Our team came to his aid, and putting all the pieces of his symptoms and the shredded toy together, rushed Luca to the vet Friday evening.

Luca is suffering from a partial obstruction. We’re still waiting to see whether he will need surgery, or what course of treatment will be required. We will continue to update his fundraiser as needed.

In the meantime, the vomiting and has presented another terrible complication–Luca suffers from seizures. Because he’s been vomiting, he hasn’t been able to keep him seizure medication down! As a result, he’s started to have episodes of seizures. In his case, these are “quiet seizures” which cause him to zone out. He loses time and becomes easily startled, and may even act out. It’s scary and disorienting! And certainly something his poor mind and body doesn’t need to be dealing with just now.



UPDATE 4.19.2021–Suki has been diagnosed with heart disease, and needs an echocardiogram to fully understand the severity of her condition. ***We cannot give her this procedure until she is fully sponsored!!!***

This test will us her heart is currently functioning, so we know how to treat and support her moving forward.

In situations like these, knowledge truly is power. The more we can learn and understand about what’s going on, the better equipped we will be to provide treatment now, as well as supportive and long term care moving forward, to keep Suki feeling her absolute best for as long as possible.

UPDATE 4.12.2021–Suki is heading back to the vet today for possible fluid in her lungs! We will keep you posted as more details become available. With new complications coming to light, we really need to cover the expenses of her transport and HW treatments now!

We desperately need to pay off the medical expenses she’s already incurred, to ensure we have the funds ready to cover whatever treatment she needs next.

UPDATE 4.5.2021–Suki made it Homeward Trails safely! Now she desperately needs our help to treat the heartworms growing and multiplying inside her heart. Before it’s too late.

Suki is the sweetest 8 year old schnauzer mix that has been dealt a very bad hand of cards recently. This poor girl’s elderly owner just passed away and she is now homeless. To top it off, she is heartworm positive! Every day that passes without treatment, her body grows weaker and the heartworms take over a little more. Soon she won’t be able to walk well and will have trouble breathing. This is not how Suki’s life has to end though! Homeward Trails can help her, but will need a lot of donations and assistance. Heartworm treatment is extremely expensive and time consuming. Even with all that being said, we can’t bear to leave Suki behind. She is so kind and gets along with everyone she meets. It isn’t her fault that she is in this awful situation, and HT wants to make all her wrongs right. Please donate to this girl’s desperately needed medical treatment. Without a sponsorship, her heartworm may get the best of her, something we simply cannot risk happening!



UPDATE 4.5.2021–Roxanne made it Homeward Trails safely! Now she desperately needs our help to treat the heartworms growing and multiplying inside her heart. Before it’s too late.

This sweet as can be little girl has struggled to survive in her first year of life. It is a wonder how she has managed to find food and water while having to develop from puppyhood on the streets. As a stray she has had to cope with harsh weather conditions, disease, and starvation. On top of her struggling to make it one day to the next, she has endured abuse from the animals around her. Roxanne has a natural sweetness that made her an easy target. She has to navigate her natural instinct to find a pack while she was being abused by the pack leaders. Her innate sweetness made her submissive and unable to defend herself against the stronger strays.

After being rescued it was found that Roxanne has a heartworm which needs to be treated right away. Roxanne was never meant to be alone and finding her own way. She is a dog that needed a family and now she has a slim chance at one. She is super friendly and gets along with everyone, which is incredible given her trauma. We know that we can get her to safety and give her proper medical treatment, but we need your help to do it. Please donate to help Roxanne today.



UPDATE 4.12.2021–Bobby arrived at Homeward Trails, safe and sound. He definitely needs our help to treat his deadly HW condition, and take care of the painful plaque building up in his poor mouth. With our help, he can finally feel his best and start a brand new life here on the mainland.

Heartbroken, homeless and alone. Bobby is confused and stranded in Puerto Rico after one owner passed away and the other was moved to a nursing home. This poor 2 year old chihuahua mix lost his family, and no other relatives wanted him. A foster has taken him in while we wait for an available flight but space in foster homes is extremely limited and Bobby needs to get out NOW. To make matters much worse, Bobby is heartworm positive. His small 8 lb body is working overtime to keep him alive, as heartworms are a slow and painful disease. It is going to be a long uphill battle to treat his expensive diagnosis, but Bobby isn’t letting anything get him down! He is a happy little guy and loves everyone he meets. He may not even know that he is sick, but that will be short lived without treatment. Please sponsor Bobby today so Homeward Trails can start immediate veterinary care. Without your donations, Bobby’s future is in jeopardy!