Sponsor These Special Needs Animals

The animals featured here are some of the hundreds who have treatable but costly illnesses and injuries that Homeward Trails rescues every year. We have limited resources and must make life and death decisions weekly. Too often, these animals are left behind in shelters simply due to cost. We need extra help to take in animals whose care will cost more and for animals who may be with us longer as they recover.

Your sponsorship of an animal will save a life in real time. Every donation helps save a life.

Please, consider a tax-deductible donation today to help these animals. They deserve a 2nd chance at life. And together, we can give them that.


Bandit is a good boy who didn’t expect to be starting over at this point in his life. He’s the sweetest little lap dog. He loves blankets and cuddles. He has excellent manners and will even ask to go outside when he needs to. He’s the perfect senior pup! But life is what it is, and now he’s looking for a new place to call home. He’s hoping we might show him a little care and compassion while he figures out his next step.

Bandit is 13 years old, and really, REALLY needs a dental! The buildup of plaque and bacteria on his teeth has caused his gums to swell. He chews so gingerly whenever he eats and chews on a treat. We know those poor teeth must have been bothering him for some time–so its about time we do something about it!

Your support will help Bandit finally get the dental care he’s been needing for so long, and finally have some relief from painful, aching, gums and teeth.



Amari is a sweet pup, who is ready to go home. She’s ready for a new home and a new life, at long last. Unfortunately, she can’t settle into a new home until we take care of her positive Heartworm diagnosis!

Heartworm Disease is a nasty thing. Worms begin growing inside the chambers of the heart. In time, those worm grow and multiply, filling the heart and lungs. As the worms multiply, the body has to work harder and harder to keep up, until eventually, it can’t. Dogs die from heartworm disease.

Heartworm Disease is easily prevented. With regular trips to the vet and monthly medication, dogs can be saved from experienced Heartworm altogether. But so many dogs lack access to even that most basic care. Dogs like Amari, who was surrendered to the shelter by an owner who just didn’t want to care for her anymore.

Luckily, Heartworm Disease can be treated. With the right medications, Amari can be cured–she will finally have a shot at the home and family she longs for! But treatments come at a cost. Can you help us get Amari home?



UPDATE 2.15.2021–Mac is officially in our care. Now we need to make sure we get his Heartworm under control!!!

Mac was a hunting dog. He was only ever seen for what he could do, not the beautiful soul he is. He has been kept in a pen his whole life, and has never known unconditional love.

Mac is a sweet dog. We know that Homeward Trails could find him the best home, to love him and cherish him the rest of his days! But first, we need to treat his Heartworm Disease.

Heartworm Disease is a nasty, slow condition. Worms begin growing inside the heart. Left untreated, those worms will grow and multiply. Eventually, they will take up so much space that the heart and lungs will begin to shut down. Dogs will frequently pant and become easily fatigued. Their bodies will struggle just to stay alive, until one day, they can’t.

Fortunately, there’s treatment! What’s more, the shelter has agreed to sponsor a portion of the cost for Mac’s heartworm treatments. Now it is up to us to make up the difference. With your help, we can bring Mac to Homeward Trails, clear up his Heartworm, and finally show him what the life of a loving, retired hound dog should be!



UPDATE 2.15.2021–Rusty is officially in our care. Now we need to make sure we get his Heartworm under control!!!

Rusty is a 2.5-year-old pup who was surrendered to the shelter because his owner wanted to get rid of a few of his hunting dogs. Poor Rusty has been given only the most basic care throughout his life. He was kept in a pen, and has never known what it is to be a true companion in a loving home.

That all changes now! With your help, we can bring Rusty to Homeward Trails and show him just how good the life of a sweet, retired hunting dog can be!

Unfortunately, poor Rusty has also tested positive for Heartworm Disease. Because his owner viewed him more as a tool to be used than an individual with needs, Rusty never received preventative treatments that would have stopped worms in their tracks. He was denied access to the very basics of care that might have helped him avoid such a diagnosis.

Heartworm Disease can be life threatening. Actual worms begin growing and multiplying inside the chambers of the heart. In time, dogs have difficulty breathing and become extremely fatigued. As the disease goes on, the worms multiply, and the heart and lungs have to work harder and harder to keep up–until they can’t any more.

Fortunately, the shelter Rusty came from his sponsored a portion of the costs for his treatment. Now it’s up to us to make up the rest! Your dollar will give Rusty the chance at the long and happy life he deserves, with a family that will love him unconditionally just for being the dog he is.



Poor Dakota’s teeth are so bad that his gums are BLEEDING! He needs dental care as soon as possible, to give his swollen gums and painful mouth some much-needed relief!

Dakota’s owner made the gut-wrenching decision to surrender him, when they became too sick to keep him. It was the best decision for Dakota–a chance at a future with someone as energetic and healthy as he is–but Dakota couldn’t understand all that. He only knew he was left behind. Given up and given away.

We’ve done our best to give Dakota all the love and support we can during this difficult time, but if we really want to provide some relief, we’re going to need to get this pup to a dental specialist STAT.

Dental cleanings are so important. Clearing away the buildup of plaque and bacteria not only provides relief for aching teeth and jaws, but it can prevent even more serious complications down the line! Routine cleanings could have prevented Dakota from having a mouth full of blood today.



Shaera broke her tooth! She’s having trouble eating and playing, and needs dental care as soon as possible to relieve the constant, horrible ache in her mouth.

Shaera came to Homeward Trails from a rural shelter. She had been surrendered, give up by the only home and only family she has ever known. She’s can’t understand what she could have done wrong, or why this is all happening. This poor girl needs our compassion now more than ever.

Have you ever chipped a tooth? Or had a root exposed? Do you remember the pain??? Dental care is no small thing! Whether it is an emergency or a routine cleaning, dental visits relieve pain now, and help prevent bigger issues in the future.