Sponsor These Special Needs Animals

The animals featured here are some of the hundreds who have treatable but costly illnesses and injuries that Homeward Trails rescues every year. We have limited resources and must make life and death decisions weekly. Too often, these animals are left behind in shelters simply due to cost. We need extra help to take in animals whose care will cost more and for animals who may be with us longer as they recover.

Your sponsorship of an animal will save a life in real time. Every donation helps save a life.

Please, consider a tax-deductible donation today to help these animals. They deserve a 2nd chance at life. And together, we can give them that.


A HUGE thanks to everyone who donated towards Bentley’s goal. With these funds we were able to immediately get him in to see our vet. We  begun treatment while Bentley was schedule to be neutered. Since Bentley was going to be under anesthesia we had our vet take a look at his eye and nasal passageways. The vet flushed his passageways to check for polyps or other obstructions that could be hindering his breathing -thankfully they were clear. As the vet was checking his eye he noticed his eyelid had fused to his eyeball. The vet took immediate action to separate them and was able to save Bentley’s eye. We are so grateful for the quick action taken but we now have outstanding bills. Please help us reach Bentley’s new goal!

You may remember Bentley from a few months ago. The sweet, orphaned kitten who was found with a crusty nose and struggling to breathe. This poor boy also had pain in his eye that had to be examined by a specialist. With your support, Bentley’s goal was met and he beat pneumonia! Unfortunately Bentley is still struggling to shake the rest of his congestion. With his foster being able to hear him sniffing from across the room, we know he has be very uncomfortable.

Recently, Bentley’s nose has become deformed and if we do not take care of this quickly, it may stay this way forever. The vet believes he could have a bacterial infection in the bridge of his nose causing worsening, ongoing symptoms and he needs advanced testing on his entire respiratory system and nasal passageways ASAP! Until we can get this testing and find the root of the infection Bentley’s will never get relief from his symptoms.

Bentley’s life has been nothing but hardship. With your help we can hopefully get him healthy and strong for the first time in his life!!




This poor boy was found covered in fur, dirt and mats. He could barely see as he wandered down the rural road trying to find a human to take him in. No one knows how long he had been wandering or how he got there.

Thankfully, a kind person saw him and brought him to the shelter. Despite his obvious abandonment, Shaggy could not have been sweeter and more gentle to every person het met.

When they got him in the bathtub to clean off the dirt and bugs it was then they discovered a massive tumor on Shaggy – a tumor that is most likely cancer. Was that why he was dumped?

Despite our medical fund remaining critically low, we could not say NO to this boy. So he’s coming to HT and must have emergency surgery to remove and biopsy the tumor. This poor boy is only about 4 years old so we have some difficult decisions to make, some of which may have to be made based on funding.

We want the best for this boy, whether we can give him days or years. Please help!




Buffy arrived to Homeward Trails Wednesday after being surrendered to a rural shelter when his owner entered a nursing home. He was scared and searching for love after leaving the only home he had ever known.

When he arrived on transport, our staff noticed almost immediately that there was something seriously wrong. He had blood dripping from his penis and was straining. When he was able to go there was blood in his urine. The amount of blood was extremely concerning and sent our staff into action to get him an emergency appointment with a vet. The vet was able to get him some relief, but he needed a specialist.

After Buffy’s check up, the specialist reported that he has an abscess on his prostate – our hearts instantly shattered. This is a life-threatening problem and we need to get Buffy the help he needs ASAP! The only option is surgery – and we know that it comes at an extremely steep cost. But it’s his only hope. Every minute, he could be getting worse and the abscess could be doing more damage. He is only six years old and has many years ahead of him and deserves to know happiness after all the pain and suffering he has been through. Please donate to help save Buffy’s life!