26 Acts of Kindness Saves Dogs and Cats in Honor of Newtown Shooting Victims

The recent school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT has left many of us feeling a sense helplessness; looking for a way make a difference and honor those who lives were taken much too soon. This is especially true for Debbie Gomes, owner of Little Rascals Doggie Day Care and Boarding.   Little Rascals has been a boarding partner with Homeward Trails for a number of years and they have graciously provided a boarding spot throughout the year free of charge to help Homeward Trails rescue more dogs.

26Yearning to do something positive in the wake of the tragedy, Little Rascals came up with a unique initiative to both honor the victims and save lives.  Starting immediately, Little Rascals will foster 26 homeless dogs and cats each of whom will be named after those who were killed. This act of kindness will save lives who would not have normally been saved due to the lack of foster space. We at Homeward Trails cannot thank Debbie and the staff at Little Rascals enough for this generous gift of life to our four-legged friends.

Debbie wants us to remember the victims, not the shooter which is why each of the saved animals will be named after a victim. Years from now, Homeward Trails volunteers and Little Rascals staff members will remember the victims as we remember each foster dog or cat named in their honor.

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