30 Friendly Cats, Sick and Living Outside

Homeward Trails recently learned about 4 young kittens living outside in Haymarket, VA. To our astonishment, in addition to the 4 kittens, the rescue who went down to pick them up found approximately 30 adult cats in the same place, living outdoors in the cold. None of these cats are spayed or neutered or vaccinated, and most, if not all, are sick with fever and living off of bread and dry food. While they technically have “shelter” in a couple of small wooden shacks and under a house, this is hardly sufficient given the bitter cold nights of recent (and for 30 cats!). Surprisingly, all of these sweet animals are friendly, reaching out to humans for help from their heart-breaking ordeal.

The two cats that Homeward Trails was able to take in with the help of the primary rescue had terribly high fevers and messy eye infections. Bentley, a gorgeous Tuxedo, and Skye, a lovely long haired black cat, are currently being boarded at a kind veterinarian’s clinic who graciously offered to help Homeward Trails with these guys. Please consider helping these poor cats. A donation of $100 will help get a kitty spayed/neutered, any necessary medications, and fully vaccinated. When contributing a donation, please be sure to specify “Outdoor Kitties” in the notes section before submitting. Even if we don’t have enough foster homes to go around immediately, let’s all join in the effort to have zero population growth in this friendly colony while we work to rescue each of them.

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