AACH Kids Raise $500 For Homeward Trails Through Lemonade Stand Sales

The children of Arlington-Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless (AACH) Sulivan House shelter raised $500 to help homeless pets through sales from the Lemonade Stand.  Many of the kids were on hand on August 8th to present us with the donation, learn about interacting with dogs and enjoy some play time with our cute adoptable puppies.

The Lemonade Stand is a summer program designed to promote self-esteem through small business entrepreneurship, financial literacy and community service.  The Lemonade Stand helps students learn how to work together in group settings, while building leadership skills through the management of the stand.  The community service portion of the program allows students the opportunity to “give back” to organizations that serve those who are less fortunate.  This year the Lemonade Stand donated 50% of its proceeds to Homeward Trails Animal Rescue!  The remaining portion will help to fund trip to King’s Dominion for the students.

We are so grateful the kids and all the AACH staff who made this donation possible!

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