Final Act…Parvo Puppy Update

I was saved from Parvo. Thanks!!

I was saved from Parvo. Thanks!!

With all the wonderfully, generous support we got from our loyal friends, HT has been able to save 10 puppies from Parvo in the last two weeks. These puppies came to us from a rural WV shelter – 4 different litters. All but one litter had multiple puppies each fall sick to this deadly disease. In so many cases, Parvo puppies are immediately euthanized because the cost to treat them is prohibitive. You all made it possible to avoid that and to give these pups a chance at life.

We now have just one puppy left still in the hospital….still needing financial support to allow us to keep treating her and get her as soon as possible!

Please consider a donation to help Felicity get well and to help HT have the ability to continue taking in dogs and cats in need. Each donation helps us better be able to financially take on such needs.  Sadly, we lost three pups to Parvo but not for a lack of giving them all that we had.

We thank our friends at Palisades Animal Hospital in DC and Burke Animal Clinic in Burke, VA who pulled out all stops to save these pups. They are now home, recovering and ready for homes. Check out Fiona, Frank, Flora, Felicia and Francesca; Beagle Boy 2; Retreiver pup 1 – all saved from Parvo and now looking for homes. And donate in the name of Felicity who is still fighting hard after two weeks of hospitalization.

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