Generous & Exciting Matching Donation Opportunity for the Animals

matchWe are thrilled to announce that a generous donor has made a matching donation offer to Homeward Trails to help us rescue more cats and dogs from our partner shelter in Fayette County, WV!  This kind act is in honor of his rescued cat Berkley. YAY Berkley!

Fayette County Animal Control is the “original” shelter that launched Homeward Trails, when on a cold December day in 2001, founder Sue Bell wandered in to make a donation of dog biscuits. Two days later, she left with three dogs and WHOLA! Homeward Trails started! Over the years, the euthanasia rate at Fayette County has diminished thanks in part to 8 years of dedicated rescuing from this shelter by Homeward Trails and other shelters who got involved with HT’s urging.

This generous offer will match any donation by 50%….so your 50 dollar donation today will automatically become 75 dollars….and more cats and dogs in the small, sad, rural shelter of Fayette County will leave alive.

Just click here to make a donation of any size…and help us give the animals of Fayette County a second chance at life!

(pictured is Slinky, a recently rescued cutie from Fayette County who is available for adoption thru HT)

Registration is closed.