HT Recevies $25,000 Gift – Creates Kathleen Franzen Fund for Stray & Homeless Kitties

fundWhen cat-loving DC resident Kathleen Franzen passed away earlier this year, her good friend Anne struggled to come up with a way to properly honor Kathleen. Having received Kathleen’s money at the time of her death without strict instructions, Anne had an overwhelming number of potential places to give this money.

Kathleen was married to a (literal) rocket scientist named Bill. Together they had rescued several cats from allies, horse farms and even their own front yard on Capitol Hill! Anne chose Homeward Trails to honor Kathleen and her love of cats and to work with a group like Homeward Trails who prides itself on its commitment to stray and special needs kitties.

In Kathleen’s honor, a fund has been created in her name to help Homeward Trails do more to help stray and homeless kitties. From providing needed vet care, spay/neuter, trapping, colony feeding and other needs that our homeless kitty friends need, this fund will help us to do much more! We are honored to be a part of this effort!

The $25,000 gift will be used over five years and requires a matching donation! We will look to you to help us match the $5,000 each year by 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% over the next five years in order to ensure this fund grows.

More info will come soon about how you can go to to make your donation today this exciting fund. You can play a role in helping homeless kitties in your own city and all around!

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