HT Rescues Hurricane Kittens from West Indies

wikittiesHomeward Trails personally rescued two young kittens, Tomas and Jerry, from the West Indies following Hurricane Tomas. Following the hurricane, food was scarce and these young kittens were desperately searching for food when they “found” a Homeward Trails volunteer, who was in the area for business. With all of the legal papers and health certificates, the Homeward Trails volunteer carried them all the way to DC through Puerto Rico.

Flooding after Hurricane Tomas

Flooding after Hurricane Tomas

The kittens are adapting incredibly. They are initially shy but warm up very fast. They need attention, love, and understanding. These kittens must stay together as they are extremely bonded, and the person who adopts them must have experience with cats, especially cats who need extra attention! They will be wonderful, and grateful companions!

If you’re interested in adopting them, please go to their Petfinder page for more info-

You can read more details of their rescue by Homeward Trails volunteer Shennie Patel at

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