HT Takes in 16 Dogs via “Dog is My Copilot” Event


Pumpkin and her 8 pups arrived via plane to HT!

Pumpkin and her 8 pups arrived via plane to HT!

The weekend of September 28-29th Pilots N Paws held its fourth annual awareness event, the “Dog Is My Copilot” Flyway and Homeward Trails was one of three local DC animal rescue groups participating. HT took in 8 dogs and 8 adorable pups!!

See it here on Channel 9: Channel 9 Pilots n’ Paws

Approximately 200 homeless animals from North Carolina arrived in DC and headed to foster and adoptive homes. Homeward Trails volunteers were anxiously waiting to pick up our animals to whisk them away to the next chapter in their lives.

The event was one of the largest one-day annual event in the history of Pilots N Paws. In 2011, pilots transported 174 dogs and 1 kitten out of Florence, SC in memory of the Chesterfield 22. After the BP oil spill in 2010, they flew 171 animals out of New Orleans.

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