Join iGive Today to Generate a Special Donation for HT

In the next 24 hours, is giving away $5,000 to organizations who get supporters to join through special links.

If you aren’t already shopping and searching on iGive for HT, go to before noon on Thursday, join and do one search and iGive will donate $1 to Homeward Trails. One dollar may not sound like much but if 50 people do it, that’s $50 raised for Homeward Trails! And if you buy anything from an iGive online merchant within 45 days of joining, you’ll generate a $5 bonus donation to HT on top of the regular percentage of your purchase.

Searching or shopping through iGive means a donation. It’s free and easy. A penny or more per search, a $5 bonus for your first purchase and up to 26% of your purchases at over 730 stores like Amazon, eBay, Travelocity, Home Depot, Staples, and many, many more. Plus you SAVE money with exclusive coupon codes, free shipping deals, and sale alerts.

After you join, the easiest way to use iGive is to install their browser toolbar- it automatically recognizes if you’re shopping at an iGive online store to help you generate a donation for every purchase!

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