Many Special Needs Animals Need Help

needsAs summertime fades slowly into our memories (noooooo!) and fall comes along, we are busy at Homeward Trails getting ready for what will be a busy time. We have many, many events we hope to see you at this fall…..adoption events, jazz festivals, community festivals, fundraisers and more.

Right now though, we need your help. The summer brought us a large number of injured and sick dogs and cats that need expensive, ongoing support. Please read about them here and consider a tax-deductible donation to help today. We really need the help!

Daphne – this poor 2 year-old Beagle has ruptured a disc in her back that will require surgery right away if she is to avoid being euthanized. This happened after the poor girl came to us with heartworm..she cannot catch a break. We need to raise $2,500 for this surgery right away. Meet Daffy here andplease consider making a donation:

Ringworm Kittens – we have had a number of kittens come to us recently with ringworm, a fungus that is a real pain to treat. Sadly,  many shelters euthanize any animal that comes in with ringworm, even though it is fully treatable. HT is treating more than 5 kitties for this at a cost of almost $1,000. See these kitties here and consider making a donation. The link to donate to these kitties is in thier descriptions:
Butterball & Bop:

Bree – this sweet girl loves people despite being neglected. She craves the care and love she was denied when she lived with a hoarder. She is a good mom and her healthy puppy has found a forever home. Bree needs our help to get healthy from heartworm and a mouth in fection she contracted without preventative care. Meet  Bree here:  Donate for her here

Cowboy – is a gentle, friendly black lab rescued from a rural area. To know this sweet boy is to love him. His owner dumped him at a crowded shelter because of what he thought was bad behavior – he is a bird dog who followed his instinct to kill a chicken when left to his own devices.  Cowboy got heartworm when his bad owner left him outside all the time without preventative. Meet Cowboy here: Donate to Cowboy here:

Finally, we have three dogs who need time with our trainers to work through their fears. They have been through a lot of stress and need help. Please consider donating to their boarding and training costs. Learn more about them:
Rocky is lost and confused. He has had trouble adjusting to his string of new situations after he lost his home due to his human’s illness. Help us help him work through it. Meet Rocky:
Fred is a sensitive little guy who found himself completely overwhelmed by his chaotic home environment. He needs help trusting people and letting go of his fear. Meet Fred:
Conor has some fairly serious anxieties. He desperately needs our help to find relief so he can work toward a normal life. Meet Conor:

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