Puppy Parvo Emergency – Please Help!

parvoHT ended 2010 with a spectacular effort to empty the shelter in Fayette County, WV. We did so by partnering with two other local rescues to take in 34 puppies, 6 dogs and 6 cats!

Sadly, just two weeks later, the shelter was full again with puppies and they faced euthanizing 40 puppies to make space. HT once again stepped up, taking in 18 puppies. However, an unprecedented number of these rescued puppies have been stricken by Parvo, a deadly puppy virus.There has never been a time where so many puppies from different litters have been hit by this deadly virus at once. It is devastating!

This week, we lost three puppies. Here are the faces of two we lost:

Just today, 3 more went to the hospital in grave condition. We now face losing more if we cannot find a way to hospitalize them for up to five days each at a cost of $500-$800 per puppy.  We are lucky to have vet partners who are willing to treat our puppies at up to 50% less than emergency vets, but the cost still runs quite high. By plunging $5,000 in debt to save these puppies it will hamper our efforts to afford to rescue more in the near future.

Below are some of the 13 other puppies that are either currently sick or part of sick litters who face quickly succumbing to Parvo if we are not prepared to hospitalize them right away.

Please help us during this difficult time so that we can give these puppies the chance that they have never had before. They’ve come this far – help us take them all the way!

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