Thanks to Baker & McKenzie LLP!

We are thankful for our friends Baker & McKenzie LLP who raised almost $4,000 to help little Joni have her surgery. Thank you for highlighting Homeward Trails during pro bono week and for being Joni’s guardian angels!

Poor Joni was abused, neglected, and almost didn’t make it. She was found lying in the middle of a rural highway in North Carolina. A driver saw her and slowed down, thinking that Joni was a dead raccoon. Then she saw her cute fuzzy face and Joni moved. The driver got out right away and went to her. Joni slowly crawled over to her with her tail wagging, dragging her back legs behind her, and hobbling on only one front leg.

The kind woman took her to the local nearby shelter assuming someone would be missing their sweet dog. But days went by and no one came for Joni. Soon, she was out of time at the shelter which was quickly filling up with other dogs. A desperate plea went out to rescues begging for someone to take her in.

It only took one look at the video of Joni to know that HT had to save her. Her sweet face, her spunky determination…we had to give her a chance! After a full day of organizing a plan, Joni was driven three hours by one volunteer to another volunteer who drove Joni the rest of the way to DC. Joni arrived happy and ready to start her new life.



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