Update on the Puppy Parvo Emergency – Help Still Needed

You all have been so wonderfully supportive in helping us give the Parvo pups the very best treatment! To date, we have been able to raise 75% of the expenses….so we still need to raise an additional $1,500 to help us get to 90%. We are so appreciative of all the support!!

To date, two of the Retriever pups are finally going home from the vet after a full week of treatment! We are thrilled as it was truly not looking good even 48 hours ago. Thanks to our friends at Palisades Vet for their wonderful care!

Sadly, three more pups remain hospitalized at Burke Animal Hospital, one in grave condition and two others in serious shape. We hold out hope that they will pull through! With your tremendous help, we have been able to keep treating them and did not have to stop treatment prematurely due to cost!


In addition to the traditional treatment our parvo puppies have been receiving at Burke Animal Clinic, Dr. Herrity has recommended two alternative and holistic therapies to help these puppies fight this virus — Cold Laser Therapy and Bicom will help their bodies heal themselves and maximize the benefits of the treatment they’re already receiving.

Cold Laser Therapy uses light frequencies to promote healing by stimulating normal cells, especially intestinal cells, to replicate. Bicom is a therapy based on a science called Bioresonance and the principle that all the cells in our body communicate with each other via electromagnetic signals. Bicom helps fight the virus by stimulating the immune system and by inverting, or canceling out, the Parvo signal. These services are being offered at a substantial discount to make them affordable for the rescue and allow us to take advantage of all options for care to help these puppies get better.

We are thrilled that Dr. Herrity is offering our pups this amazing opportunity at a much discounted cost! Please consider a tax-deductible donation to help us push these last three pups to health and allow us to continue taking in more pups! We need your help to do so!

*****Learn more about these and other alternative therapies and how the doctors at Burke Animal Clinic integrate them with traditional medicine to provide more resources to keep pets healthy and heal pets when they become sick by coming to meet Dr. Herrity at PetMAC in Arlington, on Thursday, 1/27, 7:15 p.m. Learn about alternative therapies such as Stem Cell Therapy for osteoarthritis cases (see news coverage at News Channel 4 Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation; Cold Laser Therapy; and Bicom 2000. These therapies also can provide alternatives to more expensive and invasive treatments.

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