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Penny is safe! Here’s the message from her adopters:

At 8:40 last night, our other dog Buddy barked and started whining at the front door. I opened the door and there Penny was, waiting for an invitation to come in!!! After 5 days on the run, she looks well and happy, is eating and drinking. THANK YOU so much for the prayers and assistance!!!

Marianne and family


pennyPenny, a dog adopted from Homeward Trails, was lost from her home in McLean on Tuesday, April 12, but she was running and dogs can run over 10 miles a day so she could be very far from there by now. If you live anywhere in Northern Virginia, please use this flyer to post on intersections in your neighboorhood. Please also post at your vet, pet supply shop and any other business that will let you put up the poster. Mailmen, FedEx drivers,etc are great because they travel. Please hand them a poster.

If you can come help us put up posters in and around McLean and look for her any time this weekend, please let HT volunteer Lois know at 703-749-7949 or

Please post information on neighborhood listserves, Facebook, Twitter etc. Please use this link where folks will find all of the posts about the search for Penny, including the most recent information:

The more people looking for Penny, the sooner we will find her. Thank you for anything you can do.


pennyHomeward Trails dog Penny slipped away from her adopters this morning, Tuesday, 4/12, at 1553 Forest Villa Lane in McLean, VA. We need your help to bring this sweet girl home!

Pimmit Run Creek is close and Penny ran down to the creek. This creek runs west and east to the Potomac – though it’s several miles until it hits the Potomac.

Penny is shy and unlikely to come to strangers. Homeward Trails volunteer Lois will be out putting up signs and looking for Penny today. She is very eager for help! Please call Lois at 703-749-7949 if you can help.

UPDATE at 2:15- Penny is still lost. We need your help flyering TONIGHT- please call Lois if you can help. 


sweetie3Sweetie, a Homeward Trails foster dog, has been lost in SE DC since January. We are tracking, flyering, searching and hoping….please help if you can. You can find out about ways to help at

The search for Sweetie has recently been featured in multiple local news stories:

Washington Post | NBC Washington | The Sentinel

We are very concerned about Sweetie and unfortunately, dogs get lost all too often. If you are a dog owner or plan to be soon, please check out these tips to keep your dog from getting loose.


Sweetie is lost in SE DC. We are tracking, flyering, searching and hoping….please check her blog and come out to help if you can. Flyering is an essential part of finding her.

Here is her blog:

Here is the article on


sweetie2Volunteers have been out flyering and searching the area for Sweetie for a couple days now.   She is a shy dog and there are lots of woods to hide in.  Hopefully, she will get hungry and come out soon.  If anyone is interested in helping, we will be meeting at 11am, 32nd & W ST SE on Monday, 1/18/10 to get started.  We will be in the SE area bordering PG county. If you can’t get there at 11 but can come later in the day, please contact Kim at 202-907-1264.

Get the latest info at

Where: Corner of W and 32nd Street, SE, Washington, DC.

When: January 18, 2010, 11:00 am

What: Flier the area and search for Sweetie; hand out business cards

What to bring:

  • – 50 copies of the flier (download below)
  • – 50 plastic sheet covers (to protect the fliers from rain),
  • – 50 thumbtacks to hang your fliers, tape
  • – Stinky treats, like hot dogs or cat food
  • – A leash
  • – Water and a snack for you

What to wear: Wear comfortable walking clothing and a red shirt or jacket so we can easily identify you as part of the search team.



Sweetie, a sweet, but shy beagle, was lost from her foster’s home at 3207 W St SE (just across the bridge from Capitol Hill) this morning.  If you can help put up flyers, please contact Kim at 202-907-1264 or Leah at 703-300-4151.