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givingIn a wonderful, collective effort by our many, many friends and supporters, Homeward Trails has been awarded a ten thousand dollar cash grant through the America’s Giving Challenge competition!

Beating out more than 8,500 national and international nonprofit organizations, HT is the only animal-focused group to win this prize.

How did we do this?

You made it possible. HT generated enough individual donations to secure a spot in the top eleven. With 1,674 donations and more than twenty eight thousand dollars raised, HT received an additional $10,000 award. Having entered the contest two weeks late, HT supporters wasted no time helping HT to move quickly up the list and remain in the top twenty almost daily.

“This amazing win will help us help so many homeless animals, ” says Sue Bell, HT Founder and Executive Director. “We are so incredibly grateful to each and every one of you wh donated and got others to. This was truly a collective effort. We thank you. “

Check out the article in the Richmond Times Dispatch about this exciting win:

To read more about the contest and the other winners, visit

Painting by Ally Burguieres

Painting by Ally Burguieres

Amazing local artist and animal lover, Ally Burguieres, offers beautiful paintings, sketches and prints in vibrant colors with lasting impressions.

Browse Ally’s website to see samplings and to consider have a piece commissioned. One hundred dollars of every piece of art sold goes to Homeward Trails!


igiveThrough iGive, you can help Homeward Trails when you search or shop!

A penny a search and a portion of each purchase will be donated to Homeward Trails Animal Rescue for free. How often do you search or shop online?

Go to to sign up.


cupcakesHomeward Trails is so grateful for the wonderful and generous donation made by Miss Pixie (of Miss Pixie’s Furnishings and Whatnot) and her customers, totaling almost 2,000 dollars for the homeless animals of Homeward Trails.

Miss Pixie threw one great holiday party in honor of her recently deceased kitty Blanche and got more than 100 friends and customers to come and donate to HT.

We thank Miss Pixie and her wonderfully generous friends and customers for their kindess!

Visit Miss Pixie at 1626 14th St. NW WDC or

Check out the ADORABLE kitty cupcakes at Miss Pixie’s.


chaseHT could win a $25,000 grant! No donation necessary- just votes! Then get your friends to vote too. Chase is giving away $5 million to local organizations all over the country based on votes on Facebook.


November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month!


updatesUpdates on some of our special needs animals…

Tillah: This dog was rescued from the streets of Afghanistan almost two years ago. Suffering PTSD from years of abuse, HT struggled with how to help this dog. Many meetings with a behavioristis, vets and trainers, Tillah had a rough year not finding her fit anywhere. Finally, Tillah found her forever home where she has gotten love, patience and understanding and she has blossomed. Just last week, we learned from Tillah’s family that she has cancer. 🙁 We are sending our most positive thoughts her way in hopes that she can beat it and live a nice, long life. Donations to HT help us help dogs like Tillah who need extra care and support while they look for their forever home. View the video of Tillah filmed last year on Voice of America:

Mikey: Mikey the senior black lab has been sprung free from the hospital after nearly dying from Pneumonia. After not eating for 8 days and resisting all meds, he finally came around and is now in foster care. He is soooo smiley and wags his tail all the time. He also loves the dog park and playing with his tennis ball and stuffed bunny. Now he needs a loving home!!! Thanks to all who donated! We raised 50% of his bill and are still working on the rest! See his smiling face here (and make additional donations):

Brodie: This cutie is now in a foster home and sooo much happier. YAY!

Chloe: We have now hooked up her dedicated foster dad with a trainer who is working with him to help Chloe adjust better!  We will likely need donations for ongoing training so that Chole is adoptable as possible!!


Tony: He had his dental procedure done and a total of 6 teeth needed to be extracted.  YUCK!  But now that those awful rotting teeth have been removed, Tony is feeling awesome!  And, best of all, he has been adopted by a wonderful family!!! YAY! His new owners just love him, as do his two new kitty sisters!

Prissy: Originally thought to be a girl, ‘Prissy’ became ‘Prince’ once he was seen by the vet  The good news is that Prince’s deformed front paws are not causing him any pain.  His left paw is significantly worse, however, the vet believes as he continues to grow, he will learn to adjust to his condition.  The bad news is that Prince was also diagnosed with a moderate heart murmur (Stage 3).   We will continue to monitor this condition and hope that the murmur disappears, as it sometimes does with kittens, as he gets a little older!