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Our Daisy (formerly Miss Muffet) adopted us January 25, 2006. She came to us on a home visit and never left. Although my husband was in favor of the adoption, he wasn’t sure he really wanted a beagle. No one told Daisy that. She walked in, looked around, sniffed a little and promptly peed on my husband’s favorite rug! He burst out laughing and she’s been with us ever since.

DaisyDaisy was incredibly shy and we weren’t sure of her age–our vet guessed her to be 6 or 7. She had been used as a breeder and we later found out that she had actually been shot at (she still had the buckshot in her back). Her foster dad told us she had been put out on the streets and was nearly run over (like her brother) when she was found. So, we were facing several hurtles in getting her used to us.

The biggest thing in our favor was her amazing nature. After all she had been thru, she only every showed love and appreciation. She quickly took over our home (and our hearts) and became our constant companion. She loved car rides and belly scratches and fireplaces and snow and shrimp. She gave love freely and brought warmth into a room every time she entered it. She had the ability to sense emotions and respond to them. If I was sad, she was warm and affectionate. If I was upset or angry, she became a three-ring circus. She never met a hand she couldn’t love. She made us realize that a hand not scratching a dog, was a hand wasted.

As you can tell, I’m speaking in the past tense. Daisy went over the rainbow on Saturday, October 23, 2010 after a valiant struggle with cancer. She only had us for three short years, but we will have her forever in our hearts. Thank you Homeward Trails for bringing me the happiest three years of my life.

God bless you all.

-Claudette White, Bowie, MD

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When we were looking for a dog, we came across Poncho and he broke my heart with his sad story and picture! Someone had found him wandering on the road in West Virginia – he had been shot in the head! The vets in WVA did what they could, but the infection was so bad they could only put a drain in it. Homeward Trails came in and got him, thinking he was ten years old and I would have thought he was on his way out. We told HT that we wanted to adopt him, but we needed to get another one just in case he wasn’t with us for too long.

Panchothumb_ponchoEcollarWhen we met Poncho at PetMAC, we couldn’t believe that it was the same dog. He was jumping around and appeared to be feeling happier. We got him into the vet ASAP for surgery. They were able to take out most of the shattered bone fragments and a lot of dead tissue, but the bullet is too close to his spine to risk taking it out. Poncho is also only about 6 year old now (after 2 years of living with us). He is the sweetest dog, and everyone (2 legs and 4 legs) loves him. His head is almost always cocked to the right because of the way that his bones were healing while in the shelter. He loves to cuddle, but he also loves to play.

The same day we got Poncho, we also adopted Chloe from HT. They love each other and he watches out over her. Poncho also plays very well with the foster dogs that live with us. His tail is always wagging and he loves to go for walks. We even made friends with the person who adopted Chloe’s brother, Deuce. He comes over for playdates sometimes and he and Poncho play ALLLL night!

We couldn’t have asked for a better dog. Take a chance on an older (in theory) dog- they still have lots of love to give.

-Liz and Ray, Manassas, VA

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When I decided it was time to get a dog I spent a lot of time at animal shelters and perusing the internet looking for the perfect rescue for me. About a month or so into my search I came across Fern. Her story tugged at my heart. She had been left outside of a trailer park pregnant with puppies, heartworm positive, and in such poor condition that only one puppy from her litter survived. Her story was very similar to that of the Corgi/Shepard mix that was a member of our family for many years. I knew at once I needed to inquire about this dog. After what felt like a long time, the adoption papers were in the works and I was communicating regularly with her foster family scheduling as many visits as I could to see her.

FernFernSoon everything was finalized and Fern arrived at my home the night before the blizzard of 2010. I had my dog. Fern is now well adjusted, and loves her new home. She shares the house with a 10lb miniature dachshund named Jack who has become her best friend, and she has turned into quite the running partner. She is an absolute love who is just as content to go for a 3 mile run as she is to lay at home on me; she is a 70lb lap dog. She is gentle when she needs to be, but knows the time and place for rough housing. She is a smart, wonderful, loving, mildly neu rotic dog who fits perfectly into my life. Fern has ended up being a fantastic addition to my family. And I thank Sheila, John, and Robin for helping me make her a member of the family.

 -Shannon, Olney, MD

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It’s been just over a year since we adopted Nahla and it has been quite an adventure with our happy girl — one that my husband and I wouldn’t trade for anything. Upon adoption, we learned that Nahla had been thrown from a moving vehicle shortly after giving birth to puppies. A good Samaritan found her and nursed her back to health but was unable to keep her as she had many of her own dogs to care for. After bouncing back from injuries related to her car toss — alopecia and mange, just to name a few — we knew our Nahla was a trooper. And, if those health problems weren’t enough, Nahla also tested positive for heartworm.

NahlaFrom the moment we saw Nahla’s picture on Homeward Trail’s website, we knew she was meant to be with our family. We have a seven year-old Husky who she absolutely adores! Nahla has even picked up on some of the classic Husky traits and we often find both dogs standing on the steps “talking” (howling) to us. I feel like Nahla’s rough beginning is an example of how dogs can truly endure some of the worst conditions possible and remain so full of love.

Today, Nahla is doing wonderfully. Like many Pits, she needs to be the center of attention at all times. Nahla thinks that she’s a lap dog and shows no signs of hesitation as she backs her behind into the lap of anyone happening to sit nearby, showering them with wet kisses. Sunbathing in our deck is one of her favorite things. She’ll bask in the sun for hours. Nahla is so loving and affectionate and has become a favorite among the dogs in our extended family. My husband and I can’t picture life without our happy girl.

Thank you, Homeward Trails, for the work you do.

Joanna and Matt
Columbia, MD

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