HT Pet Remembrance Day – January 17

On January 17, we ask folks to consider a donation in honor of a pet they have lost which will be put into action immediately to save the life of another in that pet’s honor. Our hearts will always be heavy with loss when a four-legged family member leaves us – it stays with us and we never forget the impact that animal left on us. The pain and loss is real. And it is unique, as is every animal we welcome into our family. And what better way to honor that animal then pawing it forward to save another?

Please share and consider a donation on January 17 in honor of your pet. And send us a note with a photo of your pet so we can join you in remembering that amazing animal.

Donations of $100 or more will get a special “Remembrance Day Hero” recognition on our Facebook page where we will post the pet’s photo and a short bio and honor his/her life and your effort to save another in his/her honor. Use the button below to help us keep the lifesaving going.

For donors of $100 or more, email us your pet’s bio and photo to so we can celebrate your amazing pet on Facebook the rest of the month.

Registration is closed.