Hugh surrendered and shaking

This tiny little boy has not stopped shaking since he arrived. Hugh is 6 years old and only 5.5 pounds and has been left in a shelter in Southern VA. He is surrounded by new people and barking dogs and the stress is too much for this little Chihuahua. The shelter is not the right place for him and he is in a fragile state. He is scared and alone and needs to feel secure as he adjusts to all these changes. He needs to be held and comforted and surrounded by as much care and stability as possible but right now he doesn’t have that. 

We need to get Hugh into a stable setting to assess his health and keep his stress down. We know the best way to do that is to get him to Homeward Trails and adopted into a new family who is truly committed to his care. He needs to know that he is loved and safe and it needs to happen fast before the stress of the situation gets to him. Please donate to get Hugh into the care he needs so we can find him his forever family.

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