Meet the Today Show Pups and See HT on the Today Show

We are so excited to be featured on TODAY with Hoda and Jenna on Monday, June 6th. Watch out segment here.

We also celebrate all the special things that our Today Show hosts and our Today Show litter love….These two and four-leggged loveables certainly bring a smile to our faces! MEET OUR STARS IN A LIGHT YOU’VE NEVER SEEN THEM BEFORE!

Hoda Kotb – The always-glamours, always-busy Mother Hen needs to escape sometimes like we all do to take time to enjoy life’s treats. GO HODA!

Carson Daly – Enjoying his Bloody Mary hangover cure. We all could use a bit of that after the occasional Saturday night, right?

Sheinelle Jones – Living her 2022 mantra “Watch what I do in 2022!” Lookin’ glam, Sheinelle!

Craig Melvin – A true southern gentleman with a self-proclaimed LOVE of grits! And his fave color – green!

Jenna Bush Hager – “Reading with Jenna”! We’d expect nothing less from our favorite bookworm!

Dylan Dryer – Enjoying her favorite “Dirty Shirley” cocktail to celebrate that summer is finally here! Mmmmmm, cocktails and puppy kibble make the perfect summer meal!

Al Roker – Never taking a break of keeping us informed & prepared for what the weather might bring! How could we ever plan a picnic without Al?

Savannah Guthrie Today Show – From the “Tonight Show” to the Plaza…Savannah is no amateur with her guitar skills! (available for adoption starting July 4th) Yes, America’s Got Talent!!!!!

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