Resolution Opposing Gas Chamber for Shelter Pets

Congressman Jim Moran Introduces Resolution Opposing Gas Chamber For Shelter Pets. Contact YOUR local Representative TODAY!

Last week, Congressman Jim Moran, representing Northern Virginia and co-chair of the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus, introduced a resolution (H.Res 208) opposing the use of gas chambers to euthanize shelter animals and encouraging individual States to ban the cruel practice. Twenty states (including Virginia) have already done so.

“Death by gas is unnecessarily prolonged, terrifying and painful and it is unconscionable that this tactic is still being used in this country,” said Debbie Marson, local animal protection advocate and volunteer for Homeward Trails Animal Rescue.  “Lethal injection is more humane, more cost effective and only takes seconds.  Euthanasia, after all, means ‘good death.’  Death by gas chamber does not meet this definition.

The Resolution has already gathered support from over 400 groups including national, state, and local animal protection and rescue organizations. Homeward Trails is one of them!

HT adopters, volunteers and supporters are some of the most loyal animal advocates in the country and we need your help NOW! We are told time and time again how a few phone calls and e-mails make a real difference on issues affecting animals… PLEASE take just a few minutes and make one simple call. It’s that easy.

CONTACT YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE TODAY AND ASK THEM TO COSPONSOR THE RESOLUTION. Click HERE to find your Representative and their contact information.

Sample language: “Hello, my name is NAME and I’m a constituent of CONGRESSMAN NAME. I am calling to ask for his/her support in co-sponsoring House Resolution 208, Jim Moran’s effort to ban gas chambers. Please let him/her know that I want to see an end to gas chambers and hope he/she will sign on to make it happen.”

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