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PawCasso 2014 will be held on Saturday, October 4th, 5-11pm, at The Washington Post Conference Center, 1150 15th St. NW Washington, DC 20071. Details can be found at

Volunteers are needed to help with set-up and during this fabulous event. The following is a list of duties and times needed. (If you can’t do the whole time, just let us know what times you can do.)

The event is cocktail attire so we ask all volunteers who will help DURING the event to dress appropriately.

Email or fill out the form below this list of duties.

Thank you so much!!!


Set Up – WE ARE IN PRETTY GOOD SHAPE HEREPaw-Casso-Logo-Final-2014

9am-4:30pm (or any part of that time)
Volunteers are needed to set up all aspects of event. This will require carrying items from cars (rolling carts available), unpacking & setting up tablecloths, wine glasses, art, various event supplies, wine & beer, catering supplies, guest goodie bags, silent auction items, etc.

Event Supply Transporters

Volunteers with spacious vehicles needed to transport some of the event supplies. Pick up Thursday 10/2 or Friday 10/3 from the Homeward Trails office in Falls Church or the Adoption Center in Fairfax Station and get to the event site Saturday morning (10/4) around 9am.

Registration Table – COVERED

4-9pm (4-7pm shift also available)
Volunteers are needed to staff the registration table. This includes taking tickets, collecting money for those paying at the door, handing out bidding paddles, having guests complete the bidder registration sheet, handing out programs, etc.  Some volunteers will need iPhone, Android or iPad to take credit cards. We will provide “square” card readers.

Food Overseers/Runners

2-5pm or 5pm-Midnight (or any part of that time)
Volunteers are needed to keep an eye on food supply, replenish food, assist the caterer, etc.


Must be 21 or older. Volunteers are needed to serve wine and beer. This will require standing behind bar, taking cash for drinks, pouring beer & wine, potentially running glasses to kitchen, etc. Possibly at least one bartender volunteer should have an iPhone, Android or iPad for credit cards. We will provide “Square” card reader.

Art Runners – COVERED

Volunteers are needed to bring art, in order, from display area to the live auction room and hold it during bidding. This will require carrying art and walking/standing for duration of duty.

Art Purchase Recorders

Volunteers are needed to sit at table adjacent to art auction stage to record purchaser info. This is a detailed-oriented, fast-paced position that requires volunteer to sit down the entire time.

Table Sales Reps – COVERED

4:45-7:30pm &/or 9-11:30pm
Volunteers are needed to oversee various tables where items will be for sale. This will require a volunteer to sit/stand at table, provide info about items for sale and take money for items purchased. iPhone, Android or iPad needed for credit cards. We will provide “square” card readers.

General Event Help

4:15-11pm (especially need 4:15-6:30pm & 9-11pm)
Volunteers are needed to mingle with guests, answer questions, pick up empty glasses/dishes, light clean-up, walk around & notice things that are needed, be available for miscellaneous tasks, etc.  This will require walking around for duration of duty.

Silent Auction Monitoring – COVERED

Volunteers are needed to check that guests are filling out bid sheets correctly, make sure items & bid sheets all remain visible & nicely displayed, answer questions & encourage bidding. At the close of the silent auction (10pm), circle the winners’ names & assist them with retrieving their items.

Purchase Check Out – COVERED

Volunteers are needed to check out guests who have purchased items. This will require adding up totals for art/silent auction items purchased (cash, check and credit card). This is a detail-oriented position, and training beforehand will be required. Some volunteers will need iPhone, Android or iPad for credit cards. We will provide “square” card readers.

Event Break Down – PLEASE HELP!

11pm on
LOTS of volunteers are needed to break down all aspects of event. This will require carrying items to cars, cleaning up kitchen area, loading items out of venue and general clean up.

Event Photographers – COVERED

Volunteers with good cameras and some photography skills needed to take pictures of all aspects of the event.


Volunteers needed to assist with coat check, security, and packaging of art for purchasers.


If you can help with any prep work at the office any day this week, or follow-up work next week, please contact Rebecca at with your availability.

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